Your Cheat Sheet for Selling Finance

Everyone likes quick wins and tricks of the trade; that is why we thought we would provide you with our sales cheatsheet to help you to close more deals.

Here is a preview:Shire Leasing cheat sheet for selling finance

To Keep Your Customer Happy

“Customers can’t always commit to large upfront payments. Often, they compromise with a lower-spec choice because they can't afford the model that they actually want. Finance, therefore, can help you to up-sell and close deals because you offer an affordable payment plan.

What’s more, when you offer finance, you show you're adapting your service to meet the customer's challenges and needs. Customers are used to finance in other aspects of their lives - be it for a house or car - so having the option for business purchases is a welcome opportunity. In a highly competitive market, this can help you stand out from other suppliers.


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