Your Cheat Sheet for Selling Finance

Everyone likes quick wins and tricks of the trade; that is why we thought we would provide you with our sales cheatsheet to help you to close more deals.

Flexible Finance for Catering Equipment

Small businesses rarely have the working capital to purchase high-quality, long-lasting catering equipment – even though the business needs it to grow.

How Customers Use Financing in Their Everyday Lives

Your customers use and understand financing - so are you missing out on sales by not offering them the option?

This checklist of areas in their everyday lives in which customers use financing should help you to spot any opportunities you might be missing.

Marketing Checklist for Security Manufacturers and Vendors

It’s a key challenge security systems manufacturers and vendors face, and your marketing needs to be slick and targeted for you to compete effectively.

Video Surveillance Systems: What Business Customers Want in 2017

With £8.5 billion turnover for the global security industry and 4-6% annual growth projected until 2020, now's the time to capitalise on a growing market.

Checklist for Choosing Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Whether you’re storing back of house or displaying front of house, there are various factors you need to consider when investing in commercial refrigeration equipment.

Fitness Equipment: Key Trends 2017

From council-run leisure centres and low-cost gyms to premium facilities and sport-specific classes, there are a wide variety of exercise options available at a range of price points.

Popular & Profitable Trends Gyms Should Leverage

Each year, the American College of Sports Medicine conducts an in-depth global fitness survey.

A Guide to the New CESA/BESA Standards

CESA/ BESA have developed the first independently verified standard for the planned maintenance of catering equipment. Our guide goes over you need to know.

5 ways to enhance your security infographic

Companies of all shapes, sizes and industries need to be smart about their approach to security - no matter how large or small their budget is.

This infographic goes over 5 great ways any company can enhance their security measures.

6 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Fitness Equipment

Buying fitness equipment is a way to attract prospective members and invigorate existing ones. The new equipment creates a buzz and becomes a talking point for everyone in the gym.

[Infographic] Software and IT Equipment Leasing Myths Debunked

As a leading provider of bespoke business finance solutions, we at Shire Leasing Plc have seen the rise of modern myths surrounding software and IT equipment leasing.

Business re-finance explained

Business re-financing can help struggling SMEs take control over their cash flow by arranging revised loans with new terms and reduced interest rates. 

10 ways to keep cash flowing

Cash is the driving force behind all successful businesses. Whether big or small, no business can expect to survive without healthy cash flow management. 

8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Finance Partner

With so many finance providers in the market place, it is imperative you are able to effectively assess the extent to which providers are suitable for your business's unique needs. To make this easier, we have created a guide covering 8 important aspects for you to consider before committing to a provider.

5 resolutions all UK SMEs need to keep

Whether a start-up or established business, time and the demands of business growth can sometimes seem to be in a constant battle. As a result, it is not difficult to lose track of those little things that can have a huge impact if not accounted for.

Cash vs Lease

Leasing is a very cost-effective way to invest in business equipment. It's not just for businesses who can't afford to pay cash. Companies both large and small realise that leasing is the best way to keep up with a changing market. 

[Infographic] 8 Tips for Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment

On average 65.23% of online shopping carts are abandoned just before the purchase is made. Download our INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Tips for Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment and find out how you can create a better online shopping experience.

[Infographic] Top 10 Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

On average 65.23% of online shopping carts are abandoned just before the purchase is made. Download our INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment and find out why visitors don't press the purchase button.

Get the 2015-16 Annual Investment Allowance Guide

On 1st January 2016, The Annual Investment Allowance or AIA, will go from a temporary figure of £500,000 to a figure of £200,000. The change will have an important impact for any business that is looking to invest in plant and machinery.