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Stay Protected: Gym Security in the Digital Age

Security isn’t just about protecting your assets - it’s also about creating a positive atmosphere and protecting your reputation. Technology is creating new risks, but it’s also giving you new ways to enhance your security and protect your members and your business. Here are some key areas to consider.

Fingerprint recognition


When it comes to entry systems and lockers, fingerprint recognition offers more security than the traditional membership card swipe or lock. During the orientation process, you scan the member's fingerprints. Then you put scanners at the main entrance, at studio doors and on lockers, as appropriate. Then there's no more swiping membership cards. No more lost locker keys or forgetting to bring pound coins for the locker deposit. Members just press a finger to the keypad to get in and to access their locker.

Fingerprint recognition is particularly helpful for gyms open 24/7 where there’s no staff monitoring comings and goings. Fingerprint scans are impossible to fake, so you can be sure that everyone in your gym is there legitimately. Digital scanners keep a log in real time, so you know exactly who's in the building at any given time. And members are more confident their personal belongings are secure because they’ve got their electronic safety box.


CCTV & alarm systems


Having car parks, corridors and communal areas under CCTV helps members feel safe, particularly at night. Innovations in digital CCTV are driving down prices and simplifying the monitoring process, with features like remote access, automatic number plate recognition, night-time lighting, HD resolution and analytics making it easy even for small and medium-sized gyms to boost security without having to make big investments in staff or process changes.

And while security cameras themselves go a long way towards deterring crime, if you do experience a break-in, then a digital alarm system can mean the difference between an unsuccessful robbery attempt and an expensive lesson learned.

Information security & data protection

Think about what happens when companies have cyber security breaches – last year, Three Mobile and Yahoo! were among those hitting headlines. This year, travel association ABTA, Xbox and Playstation have had issues. And that's on top of the big ransomware attack that affected the NHS and other organisations worldwide.

As you store an increasing amount of member and business information online, you need to have robust cyber security in place. Everything, including credit card numbers, must be securely encrypted so that it’s unusable if anyone gains unauthorised access to your database.

Regularly check all payment processing equipment for signs of tampering. Keep software updated to the latest versions. If security patches are released, update to them as soon as possible.

Physical copies of payment information must be securely locked away to prevent theft. Having a filing cabinet in a back office with a single key isn’t a particularly reliable form of protection. This is another area to consider for fingerprint scanners, so you limit access to those who legitimately need to access the information.

Yes, there’s a lot to do security-wise – but it’s very manageable

There are many ways to make complete gym security affordable. You can lease CCTV, alarm systems, fingerprint scanners, security software and payment equipment, so you benefit straight away without tying up valuable working capital.

So don’t scrimp on security. After all, these systems and procedures are your ultimate protection – not just for your equipment, but for your reputation.

Key takeaways

  • Security isn't just about protecting your assets - it's about creating the right
    atmosphere and enhancing your reputation

  • Fingerprint scanners improve security while giving members a better experience

  • Digital CCTV and alarm systems give you valuable functionality aimed at small and medium-sized businesses

  • Information security and data protection are key, so don't take shortcuts

  • There's a range of flexible financing options that make it easy to invest in the best security equipment without tying up working capital

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