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Should You Offer Leasing? Watch This Video to Find Out.

Leasing is an easy way to maximise sales, get paid faster and close deals faster. And it's surprisingly easy to offer it to your customers.

When my colleagues and I first speak to vendors about leasing, there's this misconception that it's complicated to offer and sell it.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Everything about our service and support is designed to make things easier - to help streamline the sales process and simplify payment and order management.

In the short video below, I discuss the process we go through to illustrate how simple it is.


First, we have the training and support.

Becoming an approved supplier is simple - we can have you up and running in our system in minutes. No cumbersome paperwork. Just a phone call or email to our account management team and you're good to go.

Once you're signed up, you get free training on using the web portal and on how to talk about leasing with your customers. You have access to Shire Online, your bespoke online proposal management system. You also have the iPhone app, so you can quote, propose and manage deals on the go. And there's e-signatory, so customers can sign documents wherever they are on any device. The whole system is designed to be user friendly and flexible, so it adapts to your business and working practices.

You never have to discuss complicated financial information with customers - you focus on the benefits (which you can read more about on this blog) and then turn them over to us for the more detailed conversations.

Your account manager is always a phone call away if you have questions at any time, and may even come to your monthly sales meetings to provide ongoing training and support. Your account manager essentially becomes an extension of your sales team.

Second, we have the process you go through to provide leasing to your customers.

You can do it all through Shire Online and get quick online quotes for your customers. You simply input information into Shire Online and get a finance decision in as little as 6 seconds, with the ability to send the quote directly to your prospect's inbox. When they accept the quote, they use the e-signatory capability to sign electronically, so there's no shuffling around paperwork. You receive email notifications and alerts, and can keep track of deals in real time.

Once your customer signs the documents, we give you the green light for installation and delivery. You invoice us for the full amount and send the confirmation of delivery, and then we pay you by BACS. We then manage the regular lease payments direct with the customer, so you have your money in the bank without ongoing admin.

Through Shire Online you have access to full management information 24/7, from business volumes to end of leases, so you can monitor sales and when leases are coming up for renewal (helping you seize opportunities to meet customers' evolving needs).

In all, leasing is an easy way to maximise sales, close deals faster and get paid quicker - and we support you online, by phone and in person every step of the way.

To learn more about offering leasing, click here.

Key takeaways

  • Vendors get access to continuous training and support, online and through your dedicated account manager (who acts as an extension of your sales team)
  • It's easy to sign up as an approved supplier, and you can start offering asset finance options to your customers straight away
  • There's no complex paperwork involved in signing up customers - it's all online, and you get a finance decision in as little as 6 seconds
  • Shire Online, the Shire iPhone app and e-signatory mean everything is quick and digital
  • You invoice us and send us a confirmation of delivery, and then we pay you in full by BACS - there's no need to chase payments from customers
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