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"How can our salespeople sell financing when it's not their area of expertise?"


When I get asked this question, it's usually because vendors have 2 underlying concerns:

Leasing is a financial service, which means it seems complicated (plus it's very different from the other products and services they offer)They worry they're committing to managing all sorts of customer queries and processing and paperwork on their own

In fact, you don't need to be concerned about either of these. Here's why.

You don't have to be financing experts to offer leasing - you have an account manager who's an extension of your sales team

Your salespeople will never be in a position where they have to discuss complex financial information with customers. Instead, they focus on providing a consultative service to prospects during the sales process, taking a more holistic look at how they can help.

Your salespeople focus on the benefits of leasing - the fact that the customer doesn't have to compromise on the model they choose because of budget constraints. And that they're not tying up valuable working capital. And that they have an easy way to invest in the business while keeping control over cash flow. These are the sorts of leasing-related messages your salespeople focus on.

Once the customer is interested in learning more, your salespeople pass them over to your Shire account manager, who takes over for the more finance-specific conversations. Your account manager invests in understanding your business - we want your customer to feel like they're having a seamless experience working with you - and works in cohesion with your sales team.

The process of offering leasing is easy - there's no complex or cumbersome admin

Fast and easy. That's what we had in mind when we designed our supplier processes. The result is Shire Online, a web portal that gives you quick quotes for customers. There's a form you complete so you know exactly what information you need, you click the button and you get a finance decision in as little as 6 seconds.

Shire Online walks you through the process step by step each time, so it's very straightforward, and everything happens electronically via the system. For example, the system generates the quote and associated documentation, which you can email straight to the customer. When they're ready to proceed, they click a link in the email and then get taken to a page where they sign the paperwork electronically. Then it automatically arrives with us. There's no paperwork for you to deal with.

Once the customer has signed, we notify you they're ready for delivery. You then invoice us for the total amount, send us the Confirmation Of Delivery and we pay you by bank transfer. You're paid in full (within as little as 24 hours) and we manage the ongoing lease payments directly with the customer. Again, so there's no ongoing admin for you to deal with.

You get alerts and email notifications, so you know exactly what your customers are doing and can track everything in real time. You also have comprehensive management information that helps you monitor your pipeline, conversions and opportunities to increase customer lifetime value.

You get ongoing training to help you hone your sales pitch

This training takes 2 forms. There's free online training that gives tips on discussing leasing with customers and on using Shire Online. You can access this on demand.

You also have your account manager, who's there whenever you have any questions. Your account manager can also attend your sales meetings and offer on-site training to your team, so everyone is confident in the message and approach to use.

You essentially get everything you need on a plate, which means it's easy for salespeople to offer customers a better service

And that, in turn, means it's easier for salespeople to boost revenue (while the business improves cash flow and reduces credit risk).

To learn more about offering finance to your customers, call us on 01827 306 510.

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