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Kick starting a successful career in business

Shire Leasing plc is offering graduates the chance to take their first steps on the career ladder. The graduates will experience working for a large organisation but unlike similar programmes Shire offers an in-depth understanding across a broad range of business areas, including finance, commercial funding, debt recovery, insurance and marketing.


Innovation is at the heart of everything Shire Leasing plc does and this scheme provides its candidates with an exciting and challenging 12 month programme giving them hands-on experience and the chance to manage real projects across the group’s individual businesses. They are given specific objectives and targets to meet and receive the support of a mentor in each business division they’re working for. The Graduate Programme gives first-class training and support so the graduates can develop the skills they need to progress in their career.

Mark Picken, Shire’s Managing Director, said: “It is a well-publicised fact that today’s graduates struggle to find employment. For the last few years we have been taking advantage of this skill pool and offering graduates opportunities across all our businesses to find their best fit. This has proved very successful for all parties and we look forward to continuing this programme where we can take the academic disciplines found only in graduates and transferring those into honed business skills for mutual benefit.”

Shire is leading the way in many areas and this also bears fruit in its recruitment tactics. The Graduate Programme was created in 2012 and has been successful from the start with 2 out of 3 graduates now working full time for Shire. Last year’s graduate, Laura Richards, now working for Shire’s Legal Department, said: “"As a graduate, Shire provides you with a full portfolio of business services to experience. The scheme is an excellent platform to exhibit your skills and develop your own identity within a well-established and distinguished company. It offers you invaluable personal and professional growth in an enjoyable working environment.”

Head of HR, Debra Amos said: “The development of human capital resources is pivotal to Shire moving forward. Our Graduate Programme ensures that we recruit candidates of the highest calibre and help them make the transition from the academic to the professional environment.”

The 2014/15 programme is already under way, and preparations are being made for the fourth year of the graduate intake.

Shire also offers an exciting programme for young sales recruits through the Shire Sales Academy.


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Mark Picken

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