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Close More Deals with Shire Leasing Technology


Being able to provide a finance quotation for a customer online is not new, in fact, it’s expected, as is the facility to make a decision online. However, at Shire Leasing, we’ve gone one step further to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips 24/7, so you can close the deal with your customers easier and train your staff quickly.

We know that when it comes to closing the sale, the speed of a quotation and decision is important. That’s why we ensure that you can present the customer with all of the information they need quickly, get a fast decision, and if approved, provide the customer with an e-signatory tool – deal done.

Integrated quote tool

With the integrated quotation tool, you can produce a quote quickly and send it directly to your customer’s inbox. The customer then has the opportunity to review the financial information and commitment before they proceed to a decision.

A decision in as little as six seconds

Once the customer has received and reviewed the quotation, a finance decision can be made in as little as six seconds.

No printing of paperwork with e-signatory

Once the customer has been accepted for finance, you can email the documents directly and offer the customer our e-signatory service, so there’s no printing of paperwork to slow the process down. You can also receive email notifications and alerts on your deals -- so you can keep track 24/7.

Online and face-to-face training

We understand that your business needs flexible options for training, and that's why we offer both face-to-face and online training, which is perfect for central teams, those limited on time or across different locations. This is also useful for sales teams who are more comfortable with leasing but need a refresher or maybe need a tutorial on how to use our tools such as Shire Online.

You can contact our sales team on 01827 68939 for more information on Shire Online and how it can help your business to close more deals.

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