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5 Ways to Enhance Security (Within an SME-Sized Budget)

Research suggests that 3/5ths of all SMEs are in severe danger of a security breach – and it’s no wonder. A massive 59% have no security beyond simple locks and lights, leaving them open to a wide range of risks.

This infographic gives you 5 easy ways to enhance your security and protect your business - at a price that's affordable for SMEs. Download it here or click the image below.

This infographic should help you make informed decisions when it comes to beefing up your security as well as the key takeaways below.

Key takeaways

  • Think broadly when considering security - it goes beyond CCTV to encompass fire safety and cyber security

  • Security is as much about letting the right people in as it is keeping the wrong people out

  • Your data security goes beyond IT investment - you need to train staff and enforce processes

  • SME security is affordable - many elements involve process changes, and leasing is available to help manage budgets when it comes to equipment

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About Author

Helen Stewart
Helen Stewart

Dedicated and tenacious, this leasing professional with over 25 years' experience in the Security Industry, strategically develops clients' sales opportunities, and helps build long-term profitable relationships. Helen's knowledge of leasing is second to none, and she makes the 'world of finance' easy for anyone. Her pro-active approach will help you acquire new business opportunities.

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