Shire Leasing helps NJS Scaffolding grow its business and meet customer demand.

NJS scaffolding has built up a reputation for quality and service. It has been at a constant rate of expansion since 2001 and dealing with customer demand has been a pivotal part of the business. Having to purchase new equipment on a regular basis to meet customer demand can have a huge drain on resources.

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Mark Hobbs, finance director at NJS, contacted Darren Fletcher, regional account manager at Shire, to help fund new scaffolding in a manageable and cost effective way. Darren explained the benefits of a hire purchase agreement and how it would meet NJS’s requirements, and since then he has never looked back.

Over the past two years Shire has financed five separate deals, totalling £300,000 of scaffold, on a hire purchase basis. These deals all run alongside each other and usually are over an eighteen month period. This gives NJS a total monthly payment for hire of scaffold which they will eventually own. As one deal becomes paid they start a new one, meaning that scaffolding stocks are constantly increasing.

This has been made possible by the vision of Darren and his team, seeing that there is a market to finance the purchasing of scaffolding, which isn’t usually undertaken by banks. Alongside the lease deals for scaffolding, NJS also uses Darren to finance all of its company vehicles, from small vans and company cars through to large scaffold lorries. There are over 40 vehicles in the fleet and whenever they need a new one the first phone call is to Darren. Darren can usually turn around a finance deal in under three days which is exactly what NJS requires as a business.

"We have found Shire Leasing to be of great benefit to our company. It enabled us to move forward with our business, giving us the capability to purchase scaffold in a manageable way so that we could keep up with the demands of our clients. The communication received from Shire is always professional, polite and efficient and I have no hesitation in recommending Shire Leasing."

Mark Hobbs

Finance Director - NJS Scaffolding Limited