Seasonal leasing helps Holme Farmed Venison grow its business.

Holme Farmed Venison has a reputation of supplying only the best quality products and supplies both retail and catering industries. To meet the growing customer demand, it introduced a popular door-to-door service so private customers can enjoy products at home.

Holme Farmed Venison case study.jpgFollowing this success, the business continues to expand rapidly, and having to purchase new equipment and land to meet the growing demand can be a huge drain on resources.

Director at Holme Farmed Venison, Nigel Sampson contacted his regional account manager at Shire, Darren Fletcher to help fund plans for the factory development in a manageable and cost effective way. Darren explained the benefits of a seasonal payment structure and how it would coincide with the business income.

The seasonal payment structure meant that Holme Farmed Venison was able to plan repayments around the higher income months and make lower payments during the quieter ones.

Shire also offered a part payment plan for suppliers so the cost of equipment could be split and the business didn’t suffer from any large upfront costs.

Holme Farmed Venison has since been able to expand into a new factory and has plans to develop the area further with the help of Shire.

“I have found Shire Leasing to be extremely helpful, working with us to plan our factory development, helping us finance the outcome. We have fixed and variable plans that have allowed us to plan repayments when the company expects its better months. Cash flow planning in any business is essential and I was very pleased with the way they worked with us to achieve this. They also did not pay for things until we were satisfied the new equipment was fully operational, which allowed us to keep pressure on the suppliers to achieve.”

Nigel Sampson - Director - Holme Farmed Venison